1. Manuscripts will be evaluated by a group of manuscript reviewers for originality of content, accuracy of historical facts, level of research, and writing skills.

  2. Scores from the manuscript reviewers will be tabulated, and the finalists will be selected by the committee members of Kyung-Uhn Scholarship Association.

  3. All applicants will be notified of the result of manuscript review via e-mail.

  4. The finalists who are selected to compete at the speech contest will be invited to attend an optional speech workshop. The date of the workshop will be determined and notified to the finalists.

  5. The finalists will deliver their speeches on the day of the speech contest.

  6. A distinguished panel of final judges will evaluate the quality of content and the delivery of the speeches.

  7. The winners will be announced, and the certificates of award and scholarships will be presented at the conclusion of the contest.

Manuscript Criteria

  • Content of the manuscript

    • Research question: Is it clearly defined?

  • Literature Review:

    • Is it relevant?

    • Are sources of the review are adequate?

  • Organization of the paper:

    • Is there a logical flow to the discussion?

    • Is the discussion supported by the evidence?

    • Is the discussion pertinent to the question?

  • Conclusion:

    • Is the conclusion supported by the analysis?

    • Does the conclusion provide new and creative perspective?

    • Is the conclusion original?

  • Conventions of Writing.

    • Are grammar, punctuation, capitalization used properly?

    • Is spelling correct?

    • Are sentences free of fragments and run on sentences?

Speech Criteria

  • Verbal Effectiveness:

    • Clarity in enunciation of words.

    • Flow of the speech: fluency / ‘speak’ vs. ‘read’

    • Voice: volume and tone of the voice.

    • Pacing of the speech.

  • Non Verbal Effectiveness:

    • Posture and Attitude: Confident, natural.

    • Eye contact & rapport with the audience

    • Gesture/ hand movement: effective, proper.

    • Overall Effectiveness:

    • Speaker’s intention, enthusiasm, interest in the topic conveyed?

Impartiality Policy

It is of utmost importance that all of the contest proceedings occur with fairness and impartiality. In order to ensure strict impartiality, the following rules have been established:

  • The Chief Judge ascertains that each of the judges, timers, ballot counters and other facilitators does not have a conflict of interest.

  • The following individuals are not eligible to act as a judge: a close relative of a contestant; a mentor for a contestant; anyone who is otherwise closely related to a contestant.

For the review of the speech manuscripts conducted to select finalists, the name of each contestant (along with his or her school name and grade) is removed and assigned a contestant number before the manuscripts are sent to the reviewers. There will be at least five reviewers.


Who can apply?

High school students currently enrolled in grades 9-12.

Can prior contest participants apply again?

Top winners cannot apply again. Finalists who were not the top winners may apply again if they choose a new topic.

During the speech contest, does the speech need to be delivered from memory?

No, speeches need not be memorized. Contestants may refer to their manuscript or notes while delivering the speech. However, a rote reading of the manuscript should be avoided.

When will I be notified of the result of the manuscript review?

You will receive a notification by email about a month after the submission deadline.

Is there a dress code for the speech contest?

All contestants should wear business formal or business casual attire. Jackets are
encouraged for boys. No jeans, sneakers or sweatshirts, please.

Is it possible to get to KCC by public transportation?

Yes. We will provide the bus routes to Korean Community Center if you contact us.

May I bring my Family and/or friends to the contest?

Yes. More the merrier!

Do I have to bring my own lunch?

No. We will provide coffee and donuts before the contest and lunch after
contestants’ presentations.